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Why Choose Gold Coast Yachts?

Our Experience

The 123 plus multi-hulls built by Gold Coast Yachts reflect the company's experience gained from over 31 years of commercial vessel construction, operation and ocean deliveries. Each boat is built, assembled and commissioned by teams of skilled craftsmen, trained in a variety of composite construction and system installation techniques. Behind the scenes, a design, engineering, and systems team is led by Jeff Bisson and Karl Peterson to meet the performance, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and Coast Guard demands of each project.

Our Yacht Construction Processes

Our Construction Processes

Typically, hulls are built in female molds using resin infusion processes. We have molds for component construction of bridgedeck floors, cabin roofs, decks, flat panels, beams, daggerboards and rudders which are then built using either resin infusion and wet-bag vacuum processes. Primary materials consist of epoxy infusion resin, Vectorply fabrics and Corecell foam. Structural and secondary components are prefabricated and assembled once the hulls are completed using Gougeon West System epoxy. The entire surface of the vessel is protected by epoxy primers and then top coated with Alexseal, Awlgrip or Dupont polyurethane topcoats to ensure a durable quality finish.

Yacht Wing Mast

Our Sailing Vessels

The "heart" of the Gold Coast Yachts sailing design is our rotating wing spar. The efficient low windage rig features a 2:1 shaped resin-infused carbon fiber / Corecell foam wing spar combined with our developed hull rocker and thick-sectioned high aspect ratio rudders and daggerboards to produce maneuverability unparalleled by other catamarans.

Our Power CatsOur Power Cats

Wave-piercing hull forms, displacement hull forms, displacement hull forms with canoe shaped sterns: commonality? Our desire is to modern-build fuel-efficient composite power cats suited to an owner's intended use. We take pride in our ability to meet an owner's requirements for performance, cost and accommodations through careful selection of vessel type, size, layout, horsepower and drive line system.


We enjoy meeting each new client and learning about their home, business needs and future plans while discussing their vessel needs. As a life philosophy we believe that relationships are more important than issues. In our relationship with employees, suppliers and clients, we endeavor to embody that great principle.

We look forward to building you a great boat.
The crew at Gold Coast Yachts, Inc.