Custom designed by Paul Bieker and team to be a lightweight performance cruising catamaran and built entirely in carbon fiber and foam by Gold Coast Yachts in St. Croix, The deck design is intended to be as clean and simple as possible. The deck layout is intended for offshore racing and medium to long distance cruising with an emphasis on weight reduction. This boat is a little different than a typical racer/cruiser. It has a level of interior accommodations and finish that makes it comfortable to cruise with four to six people. However it is be light enough to race against stripped out racing boats. The interior is as simple as possible while still providing comfort, visual warmth, with a reasonable amount of stowage for cruising. Designed for racing and cruising for an experienced team from Seattle, the vessel will be based in the Caribbean.
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Length Design Waterline
Diesel Fuel (2 tanks)
Portable Water
Sewage (2 tanks)
Battery Capacity (Li-Fe)

53'-1" ft
53'-1" ft
3'-4" ft
26'-3" max
13,585 lb
40 gal per side
66 gal per side
21 gal per side
2 Yamar 3YM30-SD20
2 26Ah 12V engine